Facial Treatments

Byutee by Dallis

Revitalising Facial

45mins – $70
In keeping with ASAP’s belief in simple and effective skin care, this facial was developed to introduce women of all ages to ASAP Skin Products. This effective treatment will leave skin looking smooth, clear and rejuvenated.

Anti-Aging Facial

45mins – $70
ASAP’s version of the fountain of youth. This relaxing and simple skin treatment will help minimise the signs of ageing, reduce the appearance of fine lines and improve skin tone and texture, revealing a clearer, firmer looking skin

Hydration Facial

45mins – $70
The ideal treatment to plump and saturate life back into dull and dehydrated skin, this super hydrating facial will cleanse the skin of impurities and allow ASAP products to infuse deeply into the skin, leaving a bright, hydrated and younger looking complexion. Immerse the skin in ultimate hydration.

Express Facial

30mins – $55
An intense cleansing mini facial for busy people, designed to leave skin thoroughly decongested, cleansed and toned. Deep clean clogged pores, help eliminate congestion, soothe, hydrate and restore vitality quickly with this effective treatment.

Microdermabrasion Facial

60mins – $100
Microdermabrasion softly lifts the skin surface and comfortably exfoliates the epidermis which allows for better penetration of serums and treatment creams. This treatment intensely nourishes, regenerates and hydrates most skin types.

Gym for the Skin Peel

30mins – $85
A fruit acid skin peel designed to remove dead skin cells and reveal a smooth, healthy glow. AHA peels maybe used to assist with treating fine wrinkling, areas of dryness, uneven pigmentation and acne. This skin refreshing peel is suitable for most skin types.

Boost Advanced Peel

45mins - $95
An advanced chemical skin peeling system designed to penetrate deeper for better results and even colour, revealing skin’s natural radiance. This treatment will help smooth uneven skin and greatly enhance the absorption of further active products, leaving skin looking better than it has in years!

Microdermabrasion Facial including Peel

75mins - $120
Using active ingredients and antioxidants, this rejuvenating clinical grade skin treatment is ideal for all skin types by helping to promote cell turnover, stimulate collagen while reducing the appearance of fine lines. Microdermabrasion comfortably exfoliates the epidermis and polishes the skin while to complete the rejuvenation, a specific ASAP peel is combined with vitamins A, B, C and ASAP’s DNA renewal treatment to promote clear, smooth skin.